Who are we ?


We are 360xpert, the go to aerial filming and photography specialist in Montréal . We aim to provide exceptional aerial drone imagery as well as ground photography and videography content.

Ethics Statement

We perform post-production work on all photos and videos.  While we do our best to make sure the photos are an accurate and ethical representation of a home, we also use techniques to enhance the photos to look their best. 

If at any time you are uncomfortable with a photo, you may always request the original, unretouched photo to determine if the photo ethically and accurately represents the home. It is the responsibility of the real estate agent to ensure that the photo is an accurate representation.

Our Team

Serge Andersen

Hi my name is Serge Andersen. Just call me Serge. Though I majored in Accounting, photography and flying have been more of a passion as a whole. I therefore decided to develop these passions through content creation.

My vision is for everyone to receive the highest quality content. Through 360XPERT, I will offer various types of aerial services.

Are you a realtor, a blogger, or an individual looking to grow their idea? Do you have a project that requires content creation? 360XPERT is the place where you can get up to speed with your wants. To stay up to date, sign up to our social medias, where we post regular content.

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